First in the Salvors Series


The story covers three time frames, 1942 the middle of the Second World War, the ensuing years, and finally the present day.

It tells of how the lives of several men, their families and friends are linked in a deadly mystery involving the loss of life, a large quantity of uncut diamonds and gold bullion, and how they become drawn into another far greater loss.

In 1942 a British unarmed Liberator aircraft leaves the Belgian Congo carrying not only uncut diamonds and gold but five high ranking United States Army officers on a secret visit to Britain. They had joined the aircraft in Egypt but towards the end of its journey the aircraft is shot down by two spitfires who mistake it for an enemy plane, all on board are lost, no efforts were made to recover the aircraft or its contents, the relatives of those on board were informed their loved ones were lost in action, this is based on a true event.

After the loss is known a senior member of the Ministry of Mines in the Congo, removes all records of the transaction from the files.

A family member of one of the US officers promises the widow that one day he would make sure her husband’s remains will be returned to the USA for burial.

He dies before he can achieve this so his son undertakes to carry out the task, as his chosen profession is that of Marine Engineer he feels qualified to achieve this.

It is not until many years later he can obtain any information about his Grandfather’s death, there is a limit to what the records show in the US archives, so he plans a trip to England to meet an old friend from Cambridge to gather more details.

Two other parties develop a great interest in the aircraft and contents, they show they will go to any lengths necessary to achieve their objectives. These individuals clash sometimes violently, involving innocent members of the families and their friends in this battle for what they hold dearest, family or greed.

The international fight attracts the interest of many parties involved in the initial movement of the aircraft and its contents, they want part of the action this leaves a trail of dead and injured bodies.

The attempts to find and salvage the remains of the aircraft and its contents is one of immense hardship, fighting the physical elements above the water, and the never ending struggle to get the sea to give up it’s secrets, the lives of those involved will never be the same again.

Barry Jyam.

Latest News


I am pleased to say that the next book in the series is about to be released, the title is CLOSE THE DOOR. This tells the story of how the characters involved, moved from general scrap and land based demolition, into being salvors with a marine based company. It is the same as all the stories in the series it involves an actual salvage of a wrecked vessel, that as the work takes place, leads the team into a vicious world of drugs and the smuggling of illegal immigrants across several countries.

The people involved are not your normal business types, theirs is a different world, where respect for human life rates very low in all their plans, money is the motivator, and who gets hurt or dies is of no concern to most of those who are involved. In this environment it is very hard to build a company that is going to be respected wherever it undertakes it's contracts.

What happens to those trying to be acknowledged for the right reasons is often dangerous, hard, and physically demanding, they try to close the door, on the people who look to cause suffering on anybody but them selves.

Travel with these people, and see where the journey ends.

Enjoy the trip,

Barry Jyam


Now the first book of the Salvors Series, “Uncut & Unfinished” is on Kindle I have been concentrating on the second one which is titled “Close the Door”.

This will be closely followed by “Silver Arab”, all the books in the series are like the first, based on some events that actually took place, and with some fictional license I am sure they will appeal to those who enjoy mystery and action.

I can tell you that “Close the Door” is the story of how an individual made the journey from a land based demolition and scrap business to owning and running a successful Salvage company which opened the way for a new life for all involved. The hard lessons learnt on-shore, pave the way for this new life, it of course contains much “ducking and diving” in every sense.

Join the team in this new venture, everywhere they travel the road is not paved with gold, hard work, and taking risks both personal and professionally add to the excitement but nothing they gain is dropped in their laps, “first you get it then you get honest”.

I hope you enjoy the trips we are going on, I would like you to sign on for the whole series, we need a strong crew, will it appeal to you, or will you “Close the Door” before you see what is on the other side.

Barry Jyam.


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars Rough tough adventure February 5, 2013
By Tony
Format: Kindle Edition
Apparently first in a series about treasure hunting / salvage. This story follows an array of interesting characters battling together and against each other in the search for war time treasure. The plot revolves around a wartime plane that ditches in the channel with gold on board and covers how different groups of people compete to recover what they think is theirs.
They all play their part in making this a fantastic read, with plenty of highs, lows and surprises along the way.
It's very long, but as with all good stories, I found it hard to leave it alone, consuming all my spare time for a couple of weeks.
Be warned, it is very graphic with a number of violent action and sex scenes, plenty of death and mayhem, so if you're squeamish, this isn't for you.
I found myself rooting for the heroes and hating the villains, just as you should in a good story and I loved it.
Looking forward to the next one!

Gripping story of intrigue and murder,

Gripping story look forward to reading the next book. This is a gripping story I found it difficult to put down.

Excellent book

Fantastic story, couldn't wait to turn the page. Are there any more like this. Well written story contains all aspects.

Excellent Read!*****

Excellent book enjoyed everything about the first book and looking forward to reading the rest of the Series.

Uncut & Unfinished *****

It kept me turning one page after the other at a fast pace, packed with action, suspense, betrayal, death, and mystery.

A Gripping Read.

I truly enjoyed the read and kept me wanting to know more, really interesting thriller with a good storyline, the fast pace makes it a gripping read with lots of twist's to keep you on your toes.

The Salvors Series.

Barry this book is an excellent read and wish you all the best for the Salvors Series.

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The Salvors Series

Uncut and Unfinished
Close the Door
Silver Arab

Clear The Approaches

Bones of a Collier
Old Scrapper
The Promos
Unknown Quarry
End?, No, Start
Julies First Job
Living Memories
Bluey Grey
Start With A Bang
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The Author

Completed his first dive at the age of fifteen, seeking scrap from the local estuary. He then dived when ever possible whilst working at various jobs, in garages, Ford Motor Co. Etc.

He formed his own scrap metal company and progressed with this company into Demolition, again with the purpose of acquiring the metal that arose from such activities. After five years he was able to lease a loading pier in Essex, and started exporting scrap metal to Europe. He then formed another company with friends in the shipping world to purchase their own coasters whose size was limited only by the depth of water at the quay. When metal was shipped out building materials were purchased to bring back to UK much needed building materials including bricks, wood, sand, ballast, and scaffolding.

As a private wharf he was put under pressure during the Dock strikes and Steel workers strike to cease working, but as he was only handling his own and other contracted work he never closed his gates and eventually was left alone to continue work in his own field. He also purchased scrap minesweepers, lifeboats, barges, ferry's, and other vessels purely to bring even more work to the quay.

During this time he was offered and took the opportunity to clear wrecks and cargoes from many different locations, mainly work that the large Salvage companies were not interested in, this took him to many destinations around the world.

He employed anybody who would give a good days work for a good days money, many of these men were not very well educated, so at the end of a days work he would read stories and help them improve their spelling and writing skills, as he had been an avid reader all his life he also took to writing short stories for his children, and grandchildren just to fill in any spare time.

A friend introduced him to a colleague who was looking for television scripts, and the salvage stories were well received but the money was not available for what they considered would be an expensive series to make, these are the basis for the Salvors Series of books, joining fact with fiction to make interesting, and exciting, reading.

A lifetime of events end up as a few stories that will hopefully bring to the reader and insight into a very interesting series of events.